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  • STUNNING STUDIO QUALITY SOUND WITH THREE DRIVERS – 40 mm graphene dynamic driver + ceramic tweeter + bass reflector deliver a hyper-realistic detailed sound stage with silky highs, precise mids, and deep bass.
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART DURABLE ALUMINUM ALLOY DESIGN – Anodized aluminum alloy ear cups for lasting durability and fingerprint resistance.
  • LUXURIOUS COMFORT – Adjustable stainless steel leather cushioned headband with rotating leather cushioned ear cups ensure a comfortable fit that perfectly conforms to your head and ears.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL – Closed back noise isolating ear cups naturally quiet your surroundings while keeping sound from escaping. Collapsible design conveniently fits into included deluxe compact travelling case.
  • TUNED TO PERFECTION – Expertly tuned by Grammy winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi for a fully balanced and precise soundstage.

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5 stars – 56%
4 stars – 13%
3 stars – 9%
2 stars – 10%
1 stars – 12%


Guns Of Brixton
5.0 out of 5 stars Tremendous entry point if you are exploring higher-end headphones
June 19, 2017
Style: Triple Driver In-EarColor: SilverVerified Purchase
Many others have spoken to either the audiophile crowd (or the “I’m not one of those audiophiles, but watch me be just as hilariously condescending” crowd). So I thought I’d write to help those who, like I was about 6 months ago, are wondering about whether spending good money on headphones was worth it, and what to expect if you make the leap. I spent many years scrimping and saving to get to where I can comfortably enjoy wonderful luxuries like expensive headphones, so I hope this is helps others get the most out of their hard-earned money.

First off, if music is just an occasional or background thing for you, and you don’t really listen closely to the music, I don’t think you’re going to get a lot of bang for your buck in life out of expensive headphones. It is also not so much benefit if you use a mass market streaming service like Pandora as your daily soundtrack, because the audio quality of the underlying files isn’t really good enough to support high end headphones. Not knocking the service – I enjoy it very much – but it would be… kind of like putting high end racing tires on a Kia.

As I did my own research, I listened to a ton of headphones and can say that with careful selection, this type of listener can find satisfactory sound under $20. A little higher up, there are a large number of really enjoyable headphones in the $20 to $50 range if you want something better or more stylish, but don’t want to break the bank.

So what do you get if you choose wisely when spending more on expensive headphones? A few things that may make them worthwhile for you. First, the sound quality is usually very noticeably better (although not always). If you choose well, have good source content, and listen attentively you will hear clarity and precision that just isn’t found in cheaper headphones. Individual instruments will stand out, the words will be clearer, and you’ll hear many subtle details that you might not have noticed, even in your favorite songs. You can also expect more attractive designs, better comfort for longer listening, and better build quality. For certain genres (hip hop and EDM come immediately to mind) you can choose headphones that are tuned specifically to emphasize the qualities of that music, rather than a neutral presentation (which is my personal preference). In my research, the sweet spot for headphone “bang for the buck” for the average consumer is generally in the $100-300 MSRP range. The difference with good phones in this range really stands out from the entry level range. Above that level, my experience was that I really hit the point of diminishing returns pretty hard.

So how do these headphones do for the money? Simply put, they are probably the best headphone purchase I’ve made. I was able to get them on sale before last Christmas at around $85. This is a rare case where I would have felt like I got more than my money’s worth at full price. After subsequently trying, borrowing, buying and/or trading literally dozens of different headphones in the $100-300 MSRP price range, these are still my go to set when I want in-ear phones – the only ones I kept, in fact. The clarity is wonderful, the many genres I listen to are uniformly presented well, male and female vocals are crisp, bass is strong without overwhelming the rest of the music, and a broad range of instruments are crisp and well defined. I’ve used these regularly for about 6 months now, and have had no troubles with the build quality. The accessories included and the packaging and presentation are among the best I’ve experienced – pretty luxurious for this price. They are not the most comfortable pair I used, but they are comfortable enough for extended use. I use the included memory foam tips, and find them quite comfortable and well-fitting, with several sizes of regular and foam tips to choose from.

Overall, the sound on these is very high quality and very fun to listen to. They are comfortable and have stood up well to regular use, although I do take good care of them so I can’t vouch for more rugged usage. They are also very stylish in silver. These are easily competitive with models costing more than twice as much.

A final note about MSRP. In my experience, it is primarily useful only as a guide to understand the class of competitors a set of headphones is targeted at. Use it to understand what level the manufacturer thinks they are competing with, but understand that it’s definitely a guideline, not a rule. For headphones in the $100-300 MSRP range, you should never pay full price, and can often find amazing deals. Look for recently discontinued models, sales, etc. For example, as I write this the discontinued Sennheiser HD558s can be had at the “yellow tag” store at $80, which is a steal.

Do your research, happy hunting, and enjoy your music! I’ll be posting my experiences with several of the other headphones I’ve tried, as I have a chance. Cheers!

Gordie Lachance
5.0 out of 5 stars Hear hear!
September 3, 2016
Style: Triple Driver In-EarColor: GoldVerified Purchase
LOVE. THESE. BUDS. Here’s the thing. You ever go on a wine tasting? I did it once. I was surrounded by people swishing it around in their mouths saying things like, “Ooooo this has earthy tones of soil and aged manure really hitting the back pallete” or “I feel like the fruitiness is overbearing and I prefer a more subtle chocolatey almond that was allowed to breathe over a bed of charcoal dust for at least 972 hours.” And I’m like, “It tastes good”. Or. “This tastes like the inside of the septic tank on Satan’s Winnebago.” I feel the same way about “audiophiles” that I do “wine tasters” when it comes to headphone reviews. I’ll probably even get crap for calling em “headphones”. Someone’s going to tell you your ears aren’t “sophisticated” enough and that their ear canals were crafted from unicorn hair gently melted together with Ray Charles’ cremated ashes. But I’ll just tell you this: these are the best pair of $100 buds I’ve tried. Why? Because they sound awesome. Why else? Because I’ve tried other more “name brands” and spent twice this (or more) and the sound is equivalent, sometimes better. If Audiophile McEgotrip wants to tell you your opinion is invalid because you don’t possess his/her “trained ear”, might I suggest reaching into your pocket and pulling out a middle finger. “Quality” is defined by the ears that are listening, and if you love the quality, then there’s nothing more to say. Enjoy the music. Try these 1More Triple Driver buds. I’ll probably get a bunch of “not helpful” votes from all the Barry & Dick clones from the movie High Fidelity, and that’s fine. But while they’re all standing in line waiting to ride the High Horse, I’m over here eating a Creamsicle on a hammock with Miles Davis penetrating my soul through a pair of incredibly high quality earbuds that I didn’t need to forego paying this month’s rent to acquire. In Music We Trust. Cheers, folks. 😉

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Sound. Might be worth the price.
January 27, 2017
Style: Triple Driver In-EarColor: GoldVerified Purchase
I think these sound great and have a full range of sound and are really clear. My Klipsch s2i don’t sound so nice comparatively speaking. I was a bit hesitant to pay the extra for these as I had never had a serious problem with the sound of my older Klipsch. I just needed a second pair to leave at work. (I hate forgetting them and being without). Anyway. These were rated so highly I figured I try them out. Glad I did. Of course, with this type of headphone fit is key to getting the proper bass. They give you a range of ear tip sizes in the case so you can get the right fit. Only the largest delivered the right bass in my ears.

TIP: I bought some extra foam tips from COMPLY (t-600 series fit this model). I went for the medium size and they do the trick. The shape is different so they deliver the bass at a smaller size. (better comfort!).

TIP: Also, with this type of headphone, movement sound transfers through the wire which can be disappointing. I find that it goes away completely if you run the wire over the back side of your ear and then into your ear canal. I don’t mind this arrangement, as this is how they recommend Klipsch s2i be worn. I uploaded a picture of this in case this makes no sense.

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