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    • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 67.9″ x 39.4″x 4.4″, TV with stand: 67.9″ x 39.1″ x 15.8″
    • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using Sony’s Android TV.
    • Pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the most lifelike picture.
    • The OLED panel’s native 120Hz refresh rate is enhanced by Motionflow XR gives you the fast moving action scenes with no motion blur.
    • Inputs: 4 – HDMI, 2 – USB2.0, 1 – USB3.0, 1 – Composite
    • In the box: Voice Remote Control (RMF-TX201U), Batteries (R03), AC Power Cord Spec (US, 2pin, flat blades, Polarity), IR Blaster (1-849-161-12), Operating Instructions, Quick Setup Guide / Supplement CUE (GA), Table Top Stand (Separate, assemble required)

Customer Reviews:

5 star – 71%
4 star – 3%
3 star – 14%
2 star – 5%
1 star – 7%


5.0 out of 5 starsUnbelievable!
April 23, 2017
Size: 55 inchesStyle: TV
I picked up my 55″ on Easter Monday 2017 from BB and have been testing it all week. To be honest, I’ve never seen anything like it!
Let’s start with the design even though it’s subjective. The A1E has very minimalistic design. It seems Sony looked to a Bauhaus design credo when designing the set i.e. “form follows function”. Sony obviously wants you to focus on the picture and the picture only. That’s why there is virtually no bezel. In fact there is virtually no bulk to the TV. The TV disappears behind the screen. The stand is very well designed, heavy and solidly built. You will never feel like the TV is going to tip over. The connections are thoughtfully designed and cable management is fantastic with clips that keep cables together just below where they connect to the TV on the rear stand. The angle on the screen is so minimal that I barely noticed.

As far as picture quality is concerned, it’s the best I’ve seen since the days of the Pioneer Kuro plasma’s. This TV has picture quality that rivals and in some cases surpasses those Plasma’s. The motion processing of the TV and it’s 4k upscale capability surpasses any LG OLED I have ever seen. HD sources are beautifully upscaled but I would say that one definitely needs to calibrate the TV in order to get the best out of it. I also have a 4K PVR at home and Broadcast 4K looks phenomenal, especially sports. Netflix 4k UHD and Amazon Prime 4k UHD also look amazing. I tested “The Grand Tour” on Amazon Prime, the episode where they are in dune buggies in Namibia and it felt like I was there. I also tested out an Alien Bluray 4k transfer which is probably one of the best contrast torture tests you can give a TV. All I can say is it was phenomenal.

As far as sound is concerned the TV has fantastic sound out of the box. While I use a Sonos Playbar setup, I did still test the sound out the speakers of the TV initially. I was shocked. The soundstage from the acoustic surface speakers is surprisingly large. Secondly it actually feels like noise is coming out of the characters mouths on this TV instead of from a speaker below.

So all in all I would say that Sony has hit it out of the park for their first OLED. I am ecstatic. This is my first jump into 4K and into OLED and I won’t be looking back. No regrets at spending the money.
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4.0 out of 5 starsAlmost perfect but not without some big flaws
October 2, 2017
Size: 65 inchesStyle: TVVerified Purchase
I switched from a 10 year old plasma TV to a 65 inch XBR65A1E. My wife was not exactly thrilled at the prospect of a $4000 TV and wanted to go with a cheaper/smaller model. The first thing I put on was Moana and then Game of Thrones. All skepticism and criticism for the price of this TV evaporated.

– Picture quality is amazing! I really can’t say enough on this point. The A1 is second to none in picture quality.
– Upscaling works really well and even content in SD looks great.
– Upscaled HD content is near 4K. I watched the first five minutes of Star Wars: A New Hope and in 40 years I never once realized R2-D2 had rust on his dome. Every little detail popped out with each film that I watched.
– The TV can be viewed from any place in the room with zero picture quality loss.
– Sound is good and there is no need for a sound bar.
– This TV includes a free Sony movie from Google Play and a month of Playstation VUE.
– The Sony TV remote controls my Apple TV and my five year old Pioneer tuner through the Audio Return channel.
– Netflix, VUDU, and Google play run in 4K without the need for an additional box.
– Alexa! My entire house is automated with Amazon Echos. It is super easy to voice control some of the TV features. “Turn on the TV” turns on both the TV and the receiver though the Audio Return Channel.

– Android TV is sluggish and seems unoptimized for a TV, there are even vertical screens for some of the option menus.
– The network connectivity options are not all that great. There does not seem to be a way to specify DNS settings.
– Documentation for this TV and the Android OS is sparse. There is a help menu but it is terrible.
– Securing the TV to the wall or mounting requires the removal and storage of the giant sub woofer cover.
– The rear kickstand is not a great design. It puts the TV at a perceptible angle when viewed from the side. Installing HDMI and other cables must be done before the TV is mounted to anything. USB ports are stored in a removable cover. The kickstand is just one of those things you sort of have to live with and get used to.
– The screen is reflective and does not handle glare very well. The A1 has a good overall brightness but does best in a very dark room.

The picture quality alone makes this TV worth owning. The flaws are annoying but are overshadowed by how beautiful this TV looks. The review would have gotten five stars had the price been a bit lower. If you are going to buy a TV this is the one to have.

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