LG SJ8500: Consumer Reviews

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QUALITY OF THE PICTURE – 8.5 (Nano Cell Tech)

PICTURE STABILITY/REFRESH RATE – 8.5  (low input lag) – (120Hz)

QUALITY OF THE SOUND – 8.0 (Harman/Hardon) – (40W)

INPUTS – 9.5 (see below)


SMART TV AMENITIES – 8.0 (webOS 3.5)

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 57.2″ x 32.8″ x 2.3″, TV with stand: 57.2″ x 35″ x 12.3″
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using webOS 3.5. CONNECTIVITY : Wi-Fi® Built In 802.11ac
  • Pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the most lifelike picture
  • Full-array LED backlighting and local dimming produces excellent picture quality
  • 120Hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur (240Hz effective rate)
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 RF, 1 Composite, Component Shared w/ Composite, 1 Ethernet, 1 Optical, 1 RS232C (Mini Jack).
  • Smart TV Operating System-webOS 3.5
  • Recommended sound bars: SJ7, SJ8, and SJ9

Customer Reviews




4.0 out of 5 stars5-star picture, 4-star sound
ByLewis K. Cullenon October 25, 2017
Size: 55 inchesStyle: TVVerified Purchase
Very good TV
This is a television capable of an exceptional picture; do not stop after the basic installation process, though. You will be helped greatly by going to the LG web site and downloading the user’s manual. Also, do adjusting selections while watching a known source of good, sharp pictures – I used Dish Network’s live sports channels. I am 85 years old; my wife is 84. I have expensive hearing aids, she does not. I had hoped to not have to buy a supplemental sound bar to help hear dialog over the awful background music so widely used these days, but after trying everything in the book, and knowing some programs are broadcast with subpar audio, I ordered a sound bar for this TV. Younger owners may be satisfied with the stock sound output by the speakers; they are better than most; volume is fine. Speaker evaluation is largely subjective. Only you can judge if it is adequate. I spent a great deal of effort trying to clarify the voices using all of the options (there are many combinations available) but was unsuccessful in achieving voice clarity in many program selections. I did order a sound bar; it has not yet arrived, so it may prove to be of little help. I rated this TV a 4-star; the picture is definitely a 5-star picture, and I have not yet viewed any broadcast 4K.

The dialog above is a review I sent LG; since then, I have received and added a Yamaha YAS-107BL sound bar. It definitely helped in our situation; again, sound evaluation is a subjective matter, but this combination made it 5-star in both sight and sound.

Update on November 28: I experienced a vertical line during the return window time, but resisted returning the TV to Amazon. I managed to get the line to disappear, so was not too concerned. A mistake; the line comes back in various positions periodically. Purchased new cables – no help. So far, I have been able to cure this problem by turning the TV off and wiping the screen vertically from top to bottom with a clean microfiber cloth, a trick I saw on YouTube. I hope this continues to work.
Disappointing for such an expensive television.

4.0 out of 5 starsDecent 4k for the price
ByTheOneWhoKnockson October 9, 2017
Size: 65-InchStyle: TVVerified Purchase
Let’s start by saying I jumped onto the 4k bandwagon early, and as it would turn out, too early. A few years back I bought an LG 55ub8500 4k tv, I was trying to future proof my TV purchase. Turns out when I was looking to buy a 4k bluray player recently, that TV wasn’t capable of playing properly (10 bit hdmi port didn’t have the newest copyright standards). So after doing tons of research and comparing tvs, I settled on this one. This TV is beautiful! It has Dolby Vision, which ultimately helped my decision to pick the 65sj8500. The 4k player hooked up no problem and Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 looked absolutely gorgeous. There were a lot of settings on the TV that I have changed repeatedly trying to get what I thought is the best picture. About the only downside to the picture on this TV is the dark scenes. I watched a movie that had a flashlight lit up in one scene and I watched the LED lights on the top and bottom of the screen (including the entire rows of pixels inbetween) go from right to left ligthing up the whole black area along the way, turning the black to gray and really making it stand out. It stood out so bad when the rest of the screen was black. I have some what gotten the TV to look better on dark scenes, but it still isn’t perfect and I’d even say my old 4k TV does a better job with the dark scenes. With that aside, the remote is so much better than the old TV. I hated the old magic remote because it lacked very many buttons. That’s not a problem with the new remote, almost everything is right there so you don’t have to search. The sound on this TV is very good, including 2 subwoofers. I have my TV hooked up through an AVR, but I don’t always use it. At one point I forgot to put the sound back to my receiver and started watching Metallica’s Through The Never concert, the TV was so loud and I could feel the bass coming from it, that impressed me! My last issue with the TV is the stand, but that stand also had major role in picking this TV. My entertainment center is 52 inches long and my old 55 inch TV with the stand, took up almost every inch of that. So I knew buying a new TV that was bigger, I’d need a different stand style. This new TV stand fits onto the entertainment center no problem, the TV does feel a little wobbly though, and that worried me, it hasn’t caused any issues though. My bottom line, I’m very happy with the TV and it does what I need it to do. It will get me by until OLED drops in price and becomes the standard or something new comes along in the next 5+ years.

Edit 11/10/17
After messing with the TV settings a lot, multiple times. I switched the display mode to Cinema home and decided to turn on the energy saving mode that adjusts the backlight automatically. Doing that has helped a lot with dark scene viewing in my dark basement. It’s virtually eliminated light bleeding and flashlighting on dark scenes. I also turned off Local LED dimming because it seemed to distract me more than anything and also caused loss of dark scene detail.

2.0 out of 5 starsHORRIBLE Light Bleed.
ByA. Parron February 2, 2018
Size: 65-InchStyle: TVVerified Purchase
If you are watching a bright image, like sports or a bright TV show, this TV is great. Colors are spectacular. The physical design of the TV is top notch. I also enjoyed the apps built into the TV.

However, I cannot stress how HORRIBLE the light bleed is on this TV. If you are watching any TV or Movie with both darkness and brightness in the same image, the TV will brighten up an entire band of the tv, instead of just where the brightness is supposed to be. This is horribly distracting and mindblowingly unacceptable. LG should be ashamed of putting out a product like this. I have attached pics.
review imagereview imagereview image

5.0 out of 5 starsImpressive
By Peteon August 23, 2017
Size: 65-InchStyle: TVVerified Purchase
I had one of the best 1080P TVs (lightning took it out) before this 4K super TV. I am very impressed with the magic mouse and the 3.5 webOS. The quality of the picture is outstanding. Can view from any angle in the room. I’ve only had it 9 days and usually don’t review anything till 30 days. But this is impressive. I will update this review after 30 days. It’s not OLED but close.

5.0 out of 5 starsAbout as close to perfection as a TV can be.
ByJoseph H. Roosthon December 2, 2017
Size: 55 inchesStyle: TVVerified Purchase
I hope to add to this as I get to know this TV better, but there are not a lot of reviews of this one.

I’ve wanted a real “smart” TV for years, but the prices were steep. This one really caught my eye.

I did not look at this in any big box store, but was impressed with the online comments.

Package and Delivery: Amazon delivered this on time and on the day promised. The package arrived in perfect condition. It is a pretty heavy TV, but I was able to get it out my myself with no issues.

Setup and appearance. This is one fine looking TV. I especially like that the LG logo is not a glaring and gaudy logo, but carefully inset at the bottom of the device by the on/off light. I used the stand it comes with. It is a big TV so it wiggles a bit if you wiggle it, but it is secure in my opinion on an appropriate flat surface. I have it on top of an old, but very well made chest of drawers. The connections on the back of the set are easy to see and access.

Picture: Now, this is my first BIG TV and so I am probably not the best to judge. BUT all I can say is WOW. I will say that on first set up the images were “overly” crisp and I did make some slight changes to the color and saturation to make the images a bit less “crisp.”

Set Up of TV: As others have stated, LG may make you sign quite a few agreements, and probably tracks what you watch. It’s a TV for crying out loud….unless you are using it for espionage, what do you care? Set up for sound, internet, and getting my cable provider(Comcast) set up were all a breeze.

Applications. It is very nice in that it has just about every application you can imaging including Amazon Prime Video so you don’t have to have a separate Amazon Fire connection for it. I like that. I’m not using Netflix, HULU, VODOO or any of the others, so can’t speak for them, but they are all there.

Internet. It connected to my home Wifi network in the usual fashion and with the Magic Remote, surfing, googling, finding things online is a snap.

LG Connections: This is a nice extra and there are all kinds of content from LG including some games; I’m not a gamer per se, but they are a nice extra.

Sound. This is the only area that I might have given this TV one less star for, but the overall experience is SO incredible that it seems kind of petty. I guess I wish the sound was a bit louder. I’m going to fish out my old receiver and set up the surround sound and that will likely fix this. I think a soundbar might be a nice addition to this TV, but I would also tell you that I wear a hearing aid and strongly suspect a person with normal hearing would NOT have this concern.

Overall I think this really is a SMART TV. If it could have arms attached, it could probably play cards.
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