LG SK9Y Soundbar: Consumer Reviews

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  • High Resolution audio – digital music for audiophiles, with higher sampling rates and Bit depth, both of which can contribute to more accurate, more enjoyable music listening
  • DTS virtual: x – transforms any movie, TV show or music into immersive audio that envelops the listener with virtual height and virtual Surround channels Plus enhanced bass and crystal-clear dialogue
  • Chromecast compatible – Google Chromecast works seamlessly with popular music apps like Pandora and Google play music, enabling wireless audio from a compatible phone or tablet, laptop or Chromebook
  • Works with the Google assistant
  • Wireless Surround Ready – designed to integrate with the spk8-s optional wireless Surround speakers (sold separately), adding the premium home Theater audio of dedicated rear channels

Customer’s honest reviews and opinion about the product.

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5 stars – 33%
4 stars – 67%
3 stars – 0%
2 stars – 0%
1 stars – 0%

Cesar I Torres
4.0 out of 5 stars Nice option, especially with the rear speakers.
May 24, 2018
Verified Purchase
I have a larger living room (17′ x 17′) and probably I should have bought a more powerful unit for it. Still, I am happy with its performance. The DTS Virtual X feature is very nice, with or without the rear speakers. I do recommend the rear speakers, which is the reason I bought the unit. Setup was simple and installation too.
– Good surround sound with the rear speakers. DTS Virtual X feature feels very immersive for movies.
– Bass control gives you the option of a heavy bass.
– DTS Virtual X somehow gives the impression of a concert mode for playing music.
– Powerful enough

– Subwoofer does sound like coming from behind my sofa if I put it too loud. I decreased the SW to -2.
– Standard sound is not powerful enough. It seems they wanted the DTS to sound louder, so made the standard less powerful(?)
– As a consequence, normal stereo sound is not optimal, but the DTS effect makes up for it.
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Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Exactly what we needed
August 13, 2018
Verified Purchase
Very nice soundbar. It has vastly improved the sound quality in our living room. The sub connected easily to the soundbar and sounds great. I hid the sub inside an armrest and it provides all the bass we were missing. We did add the wireless rear speaker kit and it too connected easily and works great. Our home is designed as one great room so the sound capabilities of the TV itself were very inadequate. This soundbar sounds great and made watching TV a much more enjoyable experience.

Ronaldo V.
4.0 out of 5 stars Solid soundbar for the price
July 19, 2018
I bought this soundbar after getting a Blu-ray concert for Devin Townsend. In hopes it’d make the experience more special to watch. It does just that. The audio performance for music is very solid. Punchy bass without being overpowered. Highs as nice and crisp. For the discount price, it’s a solid soundbar set. The set up took less than 20 minutes. Very easy. Although, the boast on the DTS X, so far, it feels like a gimmick. Doesn’t really add anything special. It could be I haven’t tried any action films on it yet. I have however, been watching Glow from Netflix. It’s so nice to finally be able to hear dialogue on shows I watch. I find the best setting for the bar is the ASC which , from my understanding, adjusts it sound by detecting whether you’re watching a show or listening to music and it sounds the best to me with that setting. To sum it up, if it remains under 300, definitely worth the price.
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