Samsung MU8000:

The price of the Samsung MU8000 varies from different retailers.  Rakuten was found to have the lowest price of all the retailers at the time of the search for the Samsung MU8000.  Prices change so I would advise to click on the retailers to the right and type Samsung MU8000 in the search of the site to check the price.  I have also included customer reviews below, the reviews are different on every site.  So again the best option is to check the sites by clicking on the retailers to the right, and a new tab will open directly to that site.  Good luck with your purchase, and have a great day! (dba Shopping)


PICTURE STABILITY/REFRESH RATE – 9.5  (low input lag) – (120Hz)

QUALITY OF THE SOUND – 8.0 (Dolby Digital Plus) – (40W)

INPUTS – 9.5 (One connect box)

THE OVERALL LOOK – 8.5 (Edge Slim)


  • An extreme step up in color with a billion more shades than regular UHD.
  • See extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, Plus expanded color and depth.
  • Thanks to the dramatic range of Triple black, blacks are Now blacker-even in morning or afternoon glare-so you’ll never miss a detail in the dark.
  • Enjoy smooth action without the blur. Motion Rate 240 brings sports and fast-moving content to life.
  • Please note the differences between the MU8000 and the MU800D. MU8000: Gray cabinet, 500 nits HDR sustained brightness, Mega Dynamic Contrast MU800D: Dark Titan cabinet, 470 nits HDR sustained brightness, Ultra Dynamic Contrast
  • HDMI : 4 / 3 USB / Ethernet / Ant. /

Customer Reviews

5 star – 62%
4 star – 11%
3 star – 6%
2 star – 6%
1 star – 15%

Customer questions & answers

Question: How does the quality of this model compare to JS8000? I’ve been saving up for the JS8000 but may get this one instead if it’s about the same.
Answer: I’m assuming you mean KS8000, the JS8500 was the 2015 model.

The JS8500 was the last Samsung 3D 4K with quantum dot technology. The local dimming wasn’t as great, and the TV was bright. … see more
By Nicholas on June 8, 2017

Question: Planning on wall mounting TV – tips/tricks, reviews make it sounds atypical and hard (debating paying for professional install)
Answer: This was very easy to mount to my wall. It only weighs 53.1 lbs. I bought a stud finder and a Stanley full motion tv mount. The mount came with a paper template to match the mount. I marked and pre drilled holes in the wall, bolted the mount to the wall. There are 4 threaded holes on the back of the tv to mount bracke… see more
By David on February 25, 2018

Question: Does this TV have Game mode ? & how does it handle the ps4?
Answer: I have this TV and it handles my sons “PS4 Pro” perfectly..
By Pedro Diaz on January 2, 2018

Question: What is the difference between this and the samsung 6000 series. Is it worth the extra money?
Answer: The 8000 series gets brighter than the 6000 series and it also has a wider color gamut. So it is HDR compatible.
By Andy on December 5, 2017

Customer Reviews

5 star – 62%
4 star – 11%
3 star – 6%
2 star – 6%
1 star – 15%

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