Samsung MU8000: Consumer Reviews

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PICTURE STABILITY/REFRESH RATE – 9.5  (low input lag) – (120Hz)

QUALITY OF THE SOUND – 8.0 (Dolby Digital Plus) – (40W)

INPUTS – 9.5 (One connect box)

THE OVERALL LOOK – 8.5 (Edge Slim)


  • An extreme step up in color with a billion more shades than regular UHD.
  • See extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, Plus expanded color and depth.
  • Thanks to the dramatic range of Triple black, blacks are Now blacker-even in morning or afternoon glare-so you’ll never miss a detail in the dark.
  • Enjoy smooth action without the blur. Motion Rate 240 brings sports and fast-moving content to life.
  • Please note the differences between the MU8000 and the MU800D. MU8000: Gray cabinet, 500 nits HDR sustained brightness, Mega Dynamic Contrast MU800D: Dark Titan cabinet, 470 nits HDR sustained brightness, Ultra Dynamic Contrast
  • HDMI : 4 / 3 USB / Ethernet / Ant. /

Customer Reviews

5 star – 62%
4 star – 11%
3 star – 6%
2 star – 6%
1 star – 15%

1.0 out of 5 starsGreat HDTV – now let’s file a class action lawsuit!!!
November 4, 2017
Size: 65 inches
Apparently, Samsung believes that it’s OK to put sponsored content on our TVs. Samsung wants to continue making money on a product that they have sold to us, by selling our screen real-estate to 3rd parties. There is no option to turn those ads off. So keep in mind that if you purchase this product, you are installing a Samsung billboard in your house.

Dear Samsung, do customers need a class action lawsuit to get their ad revenue share? Or will you stop pushing ads on our TVs, or let us turn this violation of privacy off? Unless clearly stated (and I haven’t seen it), you do NOT own what you have sold, which includes every inch of the screen on my TV.

2018/01/05 – Update with Samsung’s response to a Better Business Bureau complaint (below) Nowhere on the product packaging, on this website, or anywhere is Samsung telling us that we are purchasing/paying full retail price for a Samsung ad billboard. Once we have it in our home, and we set it up, we’ve apparently agreed to let Samsung sell ads on our TVs. Still want to buy another Samsung product?


2.0 out of 5 starsShame, Banner Ads Also Included
January 5, 2018
Size: 55 inchesVerified Purchase
Although I like the UN55MU8000 TV sleek design, great picture quality, and decided integration with services like Netflix, I cannot overlook the banner ads Samsung has injected into the smart hub.

For a premium TV, this is a violation of trust and disregard for customers experience. SHAME!

I wish Samsung would either get rid of the ad on this premium TV or give users a way to turn it off.

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Hans Blix
1.0 out of 5 starsForced sponsored ads are impossible to turn off from privacy settings
September 3, 2017
Size: 75 inches
First, this TV is not bad. Blacks are great.
Both 1080p and 4K from Netflix and Amazon show well. HBO has terrible encoding, so HBO Now will show lesser quality picture.


TV shows forced advertisements from HBO. hulu, Vudu, you name it.
It is important to know that despitw TV Setting has options to turn off interest based advertisements,even they are turnedoff, ads keep appearing every so often few times a day. Apps are from all over: Samsung, Facebook, Google, Hulu. Apps that are installed but not used and apps that are not installed at all. Of course Samsung could choose to stop these ads by a minor tweak to their OS but it doesn’t. It will takw many returns for Samsung to release a fix I am sure.

I am returning mine using Costco 90 day policy.

Online forums are full of this issus if you Google it. Samsung reps are helpess to resolve this blame this on 3rd party apps. However as OS provider, Samsung is the responsible party to not stopping them.

Sad that paid $3K to buy this and I will return it and get perhaps an LG or Sony now.

samsung messed this up really bad. I see some sort of class action law suit and a lot of return TVs in the US market.. or for nothing..pity…
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Coleman B. Ramsey
1.0 out of 5 starsThey were totally useless! I then contacted Amazon support which was very …
February 5, 2018
Size: 65 inchesVerified Purchase
The Samsung TV has developed a line across the entire screen. I contacted Samsung Technical Support.They were totally useless! I then contacted Amazon support which was very polite and useful. The problem was resolved by replacing the TV. Thank you, Amazon. This is why I only buy from Amazon. Thanks

1.0 out of 5 starsDisplays banner ads – no way to disable them
August 12, 2017
Size: 82 inches
This Samsung TV displays banner advertisements in the main menu (the “Hub bar”) and it is impossible to disable them. It appears all Samsung TVs now force ads down your throat after you buy them for thousands of dollars. Here is an idea, Samsung: make all your speakers play ads too from time to time for consistency. Amazon sells a version of a Kindle with ads – it is a cheaper option and they call it “Kindle with offers”. Samsung TVs should be called “Samsung TVs with offers”, except unlike with Amazon, you can’t even pay to remove them.

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