Samsung MU8500: Consumer Reviews

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  • See extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, plus expanded color and depth.
  • An extreme step up in color with a billion more shades than standard 4K UHD.
  • Triple Black lets you see what you’ve been missing, even in dark scenes.
  • Enjoy smooth, crisp action even in the fastest scenes. Motion Rate 240 brings sports and fast moving content to life.
  • Please note the differences between the MU8500 and the MU850D. MU8500: Gray cabinet, 500 nits HDR sustained brightness, Mega Dynamic Contrast. MU850D: Dark Titan cabinet, 470 nits HDR sustained brightness, Ultra Dynamic Contrast.

Customer Reviews

5 star – 63%
4 star – 21%
3 star – 8%
2 star – 4%
1 star – 4%

Michael D. Anema
5.0 out of 5 starsBest 55 inch curved 4k tv out!!
August 24, 2017
Size: 55 inchesStyle: TV
I bought this at best buy not here. I buy all things through amazon but upgrading tv’s i had to do in person. I wanted to write a review for amazon because this tv doesnt deserve a 3.5 rating. Sorry customers who had issues you should have returned for another 1 because this model made the top 10 best 4k tvs of 2017 and samsung owns 3 of the 10 spots.
Ok so heres the true review of this tv. I wanted to spend between 6-800.00 on a 4k curved tv and i found one that was a 6 series for 799.00 up above that tv was this tv which is an 8 series. The difference is very noticable because it has the hdr which makes colors richer and brighter and more natural. Watch planet earth 2 and youll see what i mean. I had never owned a 4k tv but i have to say you must have one with hdr it makes a huge difference. The other thing that i noticed was the refresh rate or motion rate. On normal 4k tvs its 120 hz on this tv its 240hz and trust me if you watch sports or play video games this makes a big difference. Dont get me wrong the other 6 series 55 in 4k tv had an outstanding picture but this tvs picture took my breath away. Ive never seen a more rich colorful tv in my life. This tv was 1500.00 i believe but is on sale here as well so for a few hundred more 300.00 to be exact you can upgrade from 6 series to an 8 series and its a very noticable difference. I highly highly recommend this tv to anyone. Sure i wanted to save money but if i didnt get this tv id regret it and this tv truely mad me happy. Its the best 55 inch tv i saw and i promise that youll be happy and your family will be blown away.
I just wanted to add that the people who had issues are inpatient. There are always going to be a few tvs that arent right because things get dropped during transport ect… amazon has always given a refund or sent another product until i was happy. Amazon has the best return/refund policy out there. So i bet the people who left bad reviews did it before amazon refunded them or sent a new one.

Jimmy Jumpjets
5.0 out of 5 starsGreat TV, it is a smart TV
September 12, 2017
Size: 65 inchesStyle: TVVerified Purchase
There is nothing more dominating in my living room. The problem is when I watch TV at someone else’s house, I want to back to my house to watch. The curve allows you to see when at a angle. Great TV, it is a smart TV, smarter than I am, apparently.

tom salamone
4.0 out of 5 starsreplacement unit was received in one week,new unit works great, great picture sound quality is very good Easy set up and control
August 4, 2017
Size: 65 inchesStyle: TVVerified Purchase
very easy to hook up beautiful picture, now here’s the problem
See the posted pictures a fine line the length of screen appeared after three hours of use I’m guessing they don’t test each tv or have a final QC check
Waiting for amazon to return email
Will updates when I get a reply
review imagereview image

3.0 out of 5 starsAll reviews warned about it but ignored it and experienced it for myself. Outside of that, beautiful TV.
November 30, 2017
Size: 65 inchesStyle: TV
This is a hard review to write because I had done my research for almost a month. Visited Best Buy, Costco, Walmart and looked at these TV’s compared to Sony and LG, even Hisense. I ended up buying the 8500 Curved and the Flat Panel 8000. Looking at them in the store just didn’t help considering the stores have the brightly lit rooms, lights coming from everywhere. TV’s are at a odd placement. I was looking for a TV that had UHD 4K and HDR. I have a PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Nvidia Shield, Cable w/ HD channels and a Nintendo Switch. Let’s just say I feel I have a right to write this review based on my experience.

Saying all that… There are two things that are really bugging me about this TV and I’m afraid most TV’s suffer from at this price range.

1. Flashlighting. Flashlighting happens when the screen is completely blank / black. You see these ghost / white fog effect in the corners, edges of the screen. Some have said they’ve seen it and others have said they don’t. The Curved 8500 has quite a bit of flashlighting going on around the edges. It’s not a massive deal breaker but it breaks the immersion of the experience.

2. The viewing angle is horrible. The 8500 and 8000 both look absolutely stunning when your viewing it directly dead center. We had the TV on a stand directly in front of us and then wall mounted it further up on the wall. Both positions gave a great picture. Although, once we moved 20 degrees or so to the left or right, it started to dim and lose color. Almost fades out a little. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and your just a casual viewer and just throw on cable shows and all, you probably won’t care. Although, I watch Hulu, Netflix, Kodi, game with PS4 Pro and Xbox One S and it reallllllly bothers me. I can’t get past it.

So saying all of that, both TV’s suffer from the ‘two’ issues I have. Looking at the TV at center I’ll tell you it looks amazing. I just don’t like the fact that when watching a movie with the family and anyone sitting past a 20 degree angle isn’t experiencing the same thing I am. Most of the reviews I’ve read warned about the dimming issue. I wanted to ignore it and see it for myself.

YES, I bought two of them. Flat and Curved. I love the curve. It really is more immersive and feels almost 3D but you have to be looking at it directly center up to 20 degrees off center to get that vibe. The flat panel is gorgeous as well but taking it back to Costco.

FYI, buy at Costco. Not only do they give you a 90 day return – no questions asked but they give a 2 year warranty on top of the manufacturer and you can buy a extended warranty for $90 that extends it another 2-3 years. That ends up to around 5 years total and Costco will take anything back and has pretty amazing customer service. I canceled my order from Best Buy because Geek Squad wanted $300 for the same extended warranty and I’ve heard bad things about the hidden policies in the small writing. Any electronics, buy from Costco. Can’t beat the return policy and warranties.

On a side note:

Both the 8000 and 8500 (curved) work with PS4 Pro and Xbox One S no problem. I have both. At first the Xbox One S didn’t seem to be outputting 4K HDR, then I went into settings and checked out the Video Output and there it was… The options to switch to 4D UHD HDR, as well it gave options to switch between 8bit, 10bit and 12bit. Once I changed the settings on the XBOX One S it was runnin’ full speed. The PS4 Pro takes the more simple approach and only has a few options to tweak but once you do, your runnin’ full speed. On the TV, you do have to enable HDR+ and make sure and enable HDMI UHD Color. Both will turn on the flare… From there you can tweak your other settings on the TV like color, sharpness, etc. So just throwing it out there… The PS4 Pro, Xbox One S all work just fine and look awesome. It feels as though there are alot of people buying these TV’s without any knowledge of how to set the TV up or the PS4 and Xbox one and then write bad reviews or complain like it’s the TV or consoles problem. It’s not.

Also to add to this… When gaming on XBOX One S and PS4 Pro… You can put it in Game Mode that lowers the latency quite a bit. What is confusing about this, is that it turns off HDR+ when running in Game Mode. Game Mode does speed up the gaming though. I saw a major difference when turning it on and when it was off.

A Quick NOTE that’s important regarding HDR on these TV’s. Samsung’s terminology for HDR is “HDMI UHD COLOR”. Turn this on. It’s confusing because they also have a feature called “HDR+”. The “HDR+” is not true HDR, this feature is for 4K TV that don’t have true HDR and it upscales the HDR effect. Turn this off on a 4K HDR tv and turn on “HDMI UHD COLOR”. There’s also alot of issues with turning on Game Mode and it then turns off HDR+. You don’t need HDR+ turned on if you have a 4K TV with true HDR. Gaming Mode with HDMI UHD COLOR is not only running your gaming at low latency but also is pumping out true HDR. Not sure why Samsung renamed True HDR to HDMI UHD COLOR. Doesn’t make sense and it’s confusing alot of people.
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John Olhoft
1.0 out of 5 starsBAD, very bad; replacement impossible even though they admit it’s their problem
June 25, 2018
Size: 55 inchesStyle: TVVerified Purchase
I purchased this Samsung TV on 2/28/2018 and it was put in service on 3/7/2018.
It failed to turn on in the morning of 5/3/2018….In use for 57 days.
Many phone calls, emails, echats, etc., and I was referred to USSI for repairs.
First repairman couldn’t make it on a Saturday afternoon, but I was never notified. The second one “broke down” and was being towed and couldn’t make it either. USSI recommended to Samsung to replace the TV. I went thru this whole, time consuming process, and told a replacement was in the works. After many days, I emailed the “executive” office and was told that the replacement process was NOT in the works, but it was now. I have subsequently been totally ignored by Samsung, but did find out after a lot of searching and phone calls that Samsung’s trucking company, AIT, had picked up the replacement TV on 6/7/2018.and it has been in their possession (I assume) since then. Phone calls, emails, echats, etc. to AIT have proven fruitless and they apparently still have the TV. Samsung is absolutely no help at all. Today (6/25/2018)marks day 52 since my TV died and I don’t see any hope in the near future of getting the replacement. BEWARE OF BUYING A SAMSUNG TV! Check user ratings using your favorite search engine. If it fails, don’t expect any help from Samsung customer service!

Please note that the company selling this product was fast, courteous and professional. I have no problem with them-only Samsung and Samsung policies and customer service


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