Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Consumer Reviews

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  • The largest battery in a Note, ever. When you have a long-lasting battery, you really can go all day and all night.
  • The Note9 has twice as much storage as the Note8, which means more music, more videos, more pictures, and less worry when it comes to space on your phone.
  • The Note9 gives you a quick network connection for incredibly fast streaming and downloading, so you can do more, uninterrupted.
  • Still amazing on screen, but now the S-Pen has more power off screen. Remotely control different applications and use the S pen to capture shots from far away, scroll, and play music.
  • At 6.4″, the Note9 has the largest screen of any Galaxy phone. Perfect for gaming and streaming, our Super AMOLED display is bigger than ever before.

Customer’s honest reviews and opinion about the product.

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5 stars – 68%
4 stars – 14%
3 stars – 14%
2 stars – 2%
1 stars – 2%


5.0 out of 5 starsGreat upgrade over the note 8
August 25, 2018
Style: PhoneColor: Ocean BlueSize: 512 GBVerified Purchase
I love my new work phone!!! The note 9 is super Swiss knife. I mean you practically have just a about everything. Best screen in the market high end power. And a s pen that is always there for you when you have to take a quick note. Now with more memory you have no more boundaries. Samsung practically gave us the Highest of high end specs. Super great device.

David Dobles
5.0 out of 5 starsThe Best Galaxy Phone Ever
August 26, 2018
Style: PhoneColor: Ocean BlueSize: 128 GBVerified Purchase
I have been using the galaxy series phones since they came out. I upgraded from the Galaxy S8 Plus and this is an amazing difference. It took me approximately 1 1/2 hours to setup and transfer all of my apps and data. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The phone identifying my TMOBILE SIM card and it connected to the network with no issues.
Prior to doing the migration, I placed the new phone on my new dual wireless charger and it charge 100% in 30 minutes. So far from what I gathered, it is significantly faster than my S8 Plus. I haven’t tested out the camera features but do expect so see amazing shoots.
Over all, the Note 9 is a great investment and I do not see me upgrading again anytime in the near future. AWESOME phone.
review image

5.0 out of 5 starsSome Info Which May Save You A Headache. (Verizon)
September 12, 2018
Style: PhoneColor: Ocean BlueSize: 128 GBVerified Purchase
Very happy with the phone. I am writing this for Verizon customers. The phone is Unlocked, but the Verizon system does not always recognize the IMEI number. I went to the local Verizon store, and the computer would not allow the employee to start the process. I went home, contacted Amazon about the issue, and was set up with a replacement. As I did more research on if even a replacement would work, I found a link on the Verizon Support Site where you can manually enter an IMEI number and it will tell you if it is compatible. I did, and was told my phone was a perfect match. I went back to the store and passed this on to the employee. He tried two more times, both bar code and manually entering the numbers. No luck. He suggested that since the online support site said it was good, maybe dialing *611 and speaking with a tech would help. This was a good suggestion. I explained the situation, gave the tech the IMEI code, and off it went. There were several more steps, one involving the serial number of the SIM Card that would be going in the new phone, but he was able to input the phone in the system. About 25, 30 minutes later, it was all done. I hurried back to cancel the replacement phone. Very good customer service from both Amazon and Verizon.
Hope this saves someone else from trying to decide, is it the phone, is it the wireless provider?

WilliamUNC H.
3.0 out of 5 starsSamsung – Stay out of the Software/services business
August 30, 2018
Style: PhoneColor: Ocean BlueSize: 128 GBVerified Purchase
Hardware 9/10 (No issues other than the ridiculously placed, and almost useless Bixby button – more below)
Software: 7/10 (Real issues – still bundling bloatware add-ons such as Samsung Pay.)

Here is my deal: we live in a world where private data is a business. If I will be trusting companies with private data and they their core business does not revolve around the safe and responsible use of that data I will avoid shipping that data off to them.

Enter Bixby – a service Samsung so wants to push on us that there exists it own hardware button on the device. If you choose to not use this service, the button now serves to interrupt you from whatever you attempting to do before you accidentally pushed this button. Its placement is nearly opposite the most widely used button on the device, the lock/home button.

It is not easy to disable this functionality, eventually you can, but should you even have to?

If it weren’t for this damn Bixby button I would clearly have given this device a 5/5 stars.

The corporate decisions to put the button front and center (or even have hardware dedicated to channeling you into using their services) has made me not only regret my purchase but will eventually move away from Samsung.

Summary: Samsung should have stayed hardware focused.

4.0 out of 5 starsBest phone out there if you don’t mind the price !!!
August 31, 2018
Style: PhoneColor: Ocean BlueSize: 512 GBVerified Purchase
1. Great performance, everything feels snappy with SD 845 and 6/8 GB RAM.
2. Best screen on a phone, seriously you can’t go wrong with how great the screen looks.
3. Battery life, finally Samsung stepped up by putting a large 4000 mAh battery and it shows. Gets full day battery easily and obviously this depends on individual use. But out of all the phones I have owned this year, Note 9 is at the top in terms of battery life.
4. Samsung experience UI finally isn’t a bad experience. It’s always been full of features but performance wise there was always something missing. They have been improving on this every iteration, it was already great on S9 series and you can expect same out of Note 9.
5. S Pen, personally not a big user of this but I do like the additional features they have added this year.
6. Fingerprint sensor moved to a decent location compared to Note 8. Intelligent face unlock works great but still prefer fingerprint sensor for fast unlocking.
7. Still has a headphone jack and no notch since these two are the most controversial things currently in tech circle.
8. High internal storage option. Love that Samsung has increased the base storage to 128 GB and even provide an option for 512 GB.

1. Camera, I don’t want to give an impression this camera is thrash. This is top of the line camera and easily in top 5 but not my preferred. I still like the pixel 2 XL or iPhone X camera. If you are coming from an older phone this is a great upgrade on camera but for the price I still wanted Samsung to take a big leap in photography which they haven’t.
2. Price, you can say you get what you pay for. But let’s be honest this is one expensive phone and definitely not the best value out there. You will be paying a lot of premium for the features so if you are looking value for money, this isn’t the phone.
3. Still Oreo 8.1 and probably not going to get Android P anytime soon. Probably normal users and hardcore Samsung fans don’t care about this one bit since they say it already has all the features they want. I agree to some extent but would definitely like Samsung to be little more better in update timelines for their phones. Monthly security updates are decent and sometimes depends on your region/carrier etc.

Overall, highly recommend this phone. If you are thinking paying close to $800 for a phone I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend spending another $200 or more to get this instead.

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