Samsung Q7FN: Consumer Reviews

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  • Get more than a billion colors and 100% color volume with exclusive new Quantum Dots
  • Revel in brilliant whites and layers of depth, revealed even in the deepest, darkest nights. That’s Q contrast
  • Designed with a no-bezel screen that spills over the edge, the Q looks gorgeous from every side, whether mounted on the wall or on a stand
  • Absolutely stunning blacks reveal secrets in the shadows with elite detail
  • Easily access your favorite content and control connected TV devices from one source using the Samsung Smart Remote


Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5

5 stars – 136
4 stars – 10
3 stars – 1
2 stars – 2
1 stars – 3

Immersive, Elegant, Smart
Average rating:5out of5stars, based onreviews
by JoeTheGuru
An elegant piece of tech with features and a display that will impress almost everyone. Samsung has done a great job at creating something that fits in your environment with its slim bezel, 360 curved screen, and strong but beautiful stand. This TV looks elegant as it entertains. They have covered every detail from the outward visual appeal of the screen, the remote, and the ability to hide all the unsightly cables with the single almost invisible one connect cable and box. Best of all is the color brightness and clarity of the display. When watching 4k content the colors are so vivid and lifelike you almost forget that you’re looking at a TV. I have experienced one issue so far in trying to cast my S7 Edge to the TV, I was able to resolve it by unplugging the TV and one connect box and plugging it back in. The interface on the TV is fast and has been well thought out. It displays the shows you have been watching or might like when you hover of the app they are available on. There are quite a few interesting features like a virus scanner, auto dimming, and remote assistance from customer support, just to name a few. You can even talk to the remote to operate the TV. Viewing content on the QLED has been a real pleasure. If you are looking for a TV that has a great picture with a very responsive interface, is simple to setup, easy to use, and even includes a lifeline to Tech support then this is your TV. I am truly loving it and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new viewing experience that will truly impress. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Written by a customer while visiting

Amazing Display, Sound and Design.
Average rating:5out of5stars, based onreviews
by raf876
Design: The Samsung QLED TV is a masterpiece! With its beautiful and well crafted thin borders measuring 0.8 CM, it produces an elegant presentation.The curve displays a luxurious look that will engage you and create a one of kind viewing experience. I own the Q7C 55’ model, which is a decent size but thanks to its thin borders and attractive design it displays like you have a much bigger panel. The QLED also features no inputs behind the television other than the smart connect hub which connects all your input platforms. It then connects to the TV through one HDMI that hides through the stand and above all, keeps all the wire clutter away from your TV and creates an invisible connection. Picture Quality: The new metal quantum dots technology brings the QLED colors to life; its shades and brightness levels of colors give a stunning picture and a realistic look. The QLED creates a vivid contrast image, bringing dark colors and bright colors to an extraordinary image. Out of the box the QLED has decent default preset settings but once the settings are set correctly, the QLED can produce a stunning 4k picture. Testing the QLED with a PlayStation 4 Pro and an Xbox One S really surprised me, both consoles pushed HDR content at a 4k resolution, and let me tell you, the results were stunning! Video games on the PS4 Pro look superb and very detailed, while 4K movies on the Xbox One S looked astonishing. Sound Quality: The Sound quality on the QLED is especially fantastic. The TV speakers will not replace any surround sound system, but it produces a rich sound with a deep bass, for such a thin television it’s quite surprising. Smart TV and Control: In one place you can access your content platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify, etc, as well as your settings, input sources, devices and search for content through all your connected platforms creating a brilliantly easy viewing experience. The One Remote features a microphone where you can speak commands, request TV shows without numbers or button clusters. Cons: Colors and contrast can become dull at certain viewing angles.The smart remote does rely heavily on the smart hub, so essentially, all your functions would be controlled through the television settings. Overall: The QLED TV’s stunning and remarkable picture quality can easily engage you! Its bright and deep colors create a life-like viewing experience. This one of kind luxurious presentation is like placing an art masterpiece in your home. *I received this TV as part of a promotion to provide my true and honest opinion. #InsidersQLEDTV #TheInsidersUS [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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This is the greatest TV I ever seen. Fantastic, top of the line.
Average rating:5out of5stars, based onreviews
by Ricdinho
I enjoy it day by day. Great TV. Fantastic, top of the line.
Written by a customer while visiting

High Marks for the Curve
Average rating:5out of5stars, based onreviews
by Dlamb
I’ve had this tv out of the box for about 72 hours now and first of all, I’ll make this prediction: The day is coming when the only tv’s sold will be curved screen tv’s. The picture on this tv fills my “view” comfortably and completely. It’s like it has been tailored to my eyes! Unpacking and setting up this tv took about an hour. I am using the sleek and solid base that comes with the tv. The unit was well-packed, and the instructions were simplistic but adequate. The “one connect” hub, with its “invisible” optical connections exceeded my expectations for its ease of set-up and minimalist presence on my modernist glass tv stand. The same streamlined thinking was considered from the control end as well. A simple remote and a comprehensive and well thought through smartphone interface are a bonus. Once learned, operations will be frustration free. The make-or-break test of any tv is first the picture, then the sound. To begin my viewing I chose a sampling of “Planet Earth,” a production of the BBC. I streamed this wirelessly over Netflix. The production showcases stellar videography, and the Samsung tv was every bit equal to the task. Razor sharp, and bright without a strained intensity. Just a stunning picture. The images are bright, but not in the way one is struck walking past an aisle of tv’s in a warehouse club. Some of those tvs, showing constantly intense colors, feel like they would hurt one’s eyes after five minutes. This tv is not like that. The picture is vivid and inviting. My initial viewing was done at nighttime, so I had to wait until the next day to test the dynamic display in daylight conditions. I have a lot of windows where the tv is and the next day is when I fully realized what an extraordinary tv this is. In full daylight conditions, watching this tv was equal to what it had been the night before. This is where the difference between a general production tv and a premium tv is on display (literally!). As for the sound quality, suffice it to say it is crisp and clear fully across the audio range, and of fitting quality for the caliber of tv one expects at this price. So far, if I were to make any critique I would note two things. One would be with the remote. While I do love the design and feel of it, I wish it was illuminated. The second is that I wish the screws used to assemble the base and secure it to the stand were larger. They are sufficient but still feel light. Bottom line: 5 stars My test and review of this product was done as part of a promotional campaign [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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Average rating:1out of5stars, based onreviews
by TonyB
Thanks to a generous return policy I no longer have this QLED in my house. Over a month of dealing with broken English at support my TV was still not working. Support should have over nited the remote when it stopped working. Instead it was over a week before it was even shipped. Next the one connect box quit working correctly. TV turned off and back on constantly. The remote still did not work. Support wanted me to have my wall plug tested. I didn’t. After another week the one connect box had not been shipped. I was told that it was their policy whatever that meant. Then I realized WMart had a 90 day return policy. Never Samsung again.

Amazing Color display
Average rating:5out of5stars, based onreviews
by katypugz
After receiving this Samsung QLED 4K TV I was completely impressed by the amazing size but also the fact that it was very simple to set up. From the moment I got the TV I couldn’t wait to set it up and see the picture quality. I was completely Blown away by the fact that the colors looked unbelievably clear and crisp. It was such a big difference from my TV that I was using before and the size of the TV was absolutely perfect in my living room. I have gotten so many compliments from friends and family since setting up the TV. Another really impressive thing about the TV is that it has a chrome-colored remote that works seamlessly which is actually able to connect and work with my cable box. I also love that it has Netflix and other apps right on the interface. Interfaces itself Works seamlessly and is very responsive and fast. But nothing really compares to the vibrant and bright colors that are so realistic. It really is a gorgeous sleek-looking TV that is definitely impressive [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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