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  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 61.8″ x 35.7″ x 3.8″ in, TV with stand: 61.8″ x 37.5″ x 12.2″
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content. With YouTube and Netflix buttons built into the remote, you are one click away from endless entertainment.
  • Pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the most lifelike picture.
  • Direct LED produces great picture quality
  • 60Hz native refresh rate plus Motionflow XR gives you great motion for all types of content
  • Inputs: 3 – HDMI, 3 – USB2.0, 1 – Component/Composite Hybrid, 1 – Composite


Customer Reviews

5 star – 51%
4 star – 12%
3 star – 11%
2 star – 8%
1 star – 18%


4.0 out of 5 starsIt’s not for everyone but amazing TV and it DOES have HDR. Explained below.
December 18, 2017
Size: 70 inchesStyle: TV
Great TV, I was debating on getting a smaller 900 series Sony TV which does have a superior picture. If you specifically want to be blown away by HDR then that is the way to go. Will explain more further down.

We went with this 70” version because we wanted a bigger screen Vs best quality. For a few hundred dollars more you can get a 65” 900 series and if you want the better picture that is the way to go. Before this TV we had a older Sharp quattron which was around 8 years old. It was a great TV and has stood up to hours among hours of use. If it wasn’t for us owning more 4K sources I probably wouldn’t have even upgraded as it still had a remarkable picture, but let’s be frank, with all the new technologies put into televisions in the last 8 years, almost anything would be an upgrade in picture quality. We sit quite far back from our TV and wanted a bigger screen as well as something that was a similar footprint. The old sharp TV had crazy huge benzels making this almost the same size hight wise and only a few inches bigger width wise as this is all screen compared to older TVs. If the cost of a 900 series wasn’t such a drastic jump from the 65” to the 75” I would have considered going that route. This TV perfectly fit out budget of $2000 CAD

The Great:
Picture is amazing. Colours are amazing. 4K is great, The blacks are absolutely unreal. I can’t imagine going back to a TV that doesn’t have the Blacks pop the way this TV does.

Gaming,This TV is rated highly for gaming. If you play a lot of Games I highly recommend this TV. It has very low input lag and I’ve noticed no motion blur from it whatsoever. It’s stunning to watch certain games played in 4K and that’s only going to get better.

Reflection. The finish on the screen is awesome for some lights in the background. Our old tv we would have to shut off all the lights as the reflection made it extremely visible. Even though this is not the brightest tv, the finish allows the reflection to be quite tolerable.

The sound is apparently really good. I can’t compare that to much as I never use TV sound. I always have TVs connected to a receiver and enjoy my full surround sound.

The OK:
Brightness, I wish this TV was a little brighter. You will not want to have this in a room with a ton of windows that have no curtains. Because this TV doesn’t get brighter it also effects HDR.

HDR! First off this TV DOES have HDR!! You need to select the scene called HDR. It however DOESN’T have the BEST HDR.

This TV is hdr10 COMPATIBLE (the standard that shows true HDR effects) Being compatible does not mean that it will show true HDR. If you have an Xbox one X for instance… this TV will check off all of the 4K HDR boxes, however that doesn’t mean it will display them correctly. This TV has an 8bit panel. In order to truly get hdr10 you need to have a 10bit panel. Look that up for more info. With that being said, HDR still makes a very noticeable difference. I’m sure my wife and kids would never notice a difference and I’m more of an audio guy then a video critic. Move a speaker 2” and it will drive me nuts. 8bit vs 10bit HDR I personally can care less and can ignore those faults and differences. However if you want a television where the HDR is gonna blow you away. Look elsewhere.

The Bad: this TV is horrible as a smart TV. I don’t need a smart tv as I run everything off of my Xbox One X which has an android box going into the HDMI in. On every TV I’ve owned I prefer using the smart features of a separate source rather then using what’s built into the TV, with the exception of a small kitchen TV we have mounted which has nothing connected to it and even that is a pain sometimes.

Overall: In my opinion you are not going to get a better bang for your buck if you want a 70”+ TV. There are some less then known and weaker brand names out there that you can get more for less. I want a TV that will last me another 8 years though like my Sharp Quattron that is still going strong and has just been moved to another room in the house. I highly doubt I will be unsatisfied with this purchase.

This TV is a great TV for mixed usage in a time where many TVs are made for very specific uses (example Movies,gaming, as a computer monitor)

DO NOT let some online reviews decide on your purchase. Go and see one for yourself if you can. I highly recommend this Tv to anyone who is in a similar situation and doesn’t want to go crazy spending money. $2000 is a lot for a TV, you can get a better TV for $2300 and then a better one for $2600, but you gotta think of where it ends. We set our budget and stuck with it and are very pleased with our purchase.

Many people are claiming this doesn’t have HDR (explained above that it does) many people like to think they know what they talk about when it comes to electronics in general. Maybe it’s the manly thing to do now like talking about Cars. Who knows. All I can say if make sure to get facts from people who actually know what they are talking about. Everyone seems to be a critic now days. Look for facts.

B. Bingham
5.0 out of 5 starsBetter than other reviewers are saying.
December 13, 2017
Size: 70 inchesStyle: TVVerified Purchase
This tv is perfect for the price. There is a lot of reviews on this tv about not having certain features that it claims. I just have to say to those idiot people to learn how to work the tv before writing bad reviews. I almost didn’t buy it because of so many people claiming this tv didn’t have or do the claimed features.
1. It IS a smart tv
2. It DOES have hdr
3. It DOES have app store
4. It DOES have Crackle, Hulu, Youtube, Netflix, Chromecast, & many other features in Opera app store.
5. Haven’t tested the Wi-Fi yet because I have it hard wired.
6. Does NOT work with Alexa though.

Bottom line…idiot people please stop writing bad review when you can’t figure stuff out. You make others miss out on great stuff/things. If you all can’t figure things out perhaps a book is better for your entertainment.

Long-Suffering Technology Consumer
5.0 out of 5 starsCan you ever go wrong when choosing a Sony TV?
February 17, 2018
Size: 60 inchesStyle: TVVerified Purchase
In my experience (dating to Sony’s “Sony of my owney” campaign and “Trinitron” models): Sony has consistently delivered the best performance in televisions.

Television technology has advanced rapidly since those days, and even more so in the fourteen years since I purchased my first high-definition, flat-screen television. After paying the “early adopter premium” on a Sony Grand WEGA, and a later upgrade to an early Sony BRAVIA smart TV I’m happy to report that both are still running strong and neither has had a single problem, even with heavy use. The increasing affordability of these televisions drove this upgrade; consumers enjoy amazing return on their flat screen dollars today.

For this television, easy basic operations are supplemented with a range of Internet-enabled functions that expand its overall entertainment value (or time-wasting opportunities, depending on your point of view).

Set-up was relatively easy. Assembly consisted of attaching the television to a two-post stand and securing them together with four screws.This can be done by one person, but you’ll be happier with a helper. When I applied power for the first time, the television went through a brief self-test, followed by a menu-driven set-up routine consisting of on-screen menu items that you select with the remote. Because my programming is direct via HDMI a cable set-top box, I didn’t have to wait for it to scan and set channels via an antenna or coax cable.

The television’s integrated WiFi immediately recognized and connected to the router (it will also connect via Ethernet, which I did not try).

This television is outstanding in what matters most: picture quality and ease of operation. HD programming is as vivid as you would expect it to be, and SD programming is also crisp. Sound quality won’t be confused with anything coming from high-end speakers, but is perfectly acceptable within the limitations speakers have when constrained by a TV cabinet. The controls on the remote are intuitive and nicely labeled.

Most of the default settings for sound and picture were perfectly acceptable, and should require minimal adjustments for all but the most obsessive tweakers.

Among the Internet-enabled features are single-button access to Netflix and YouTube. Additional menus via the remote provide access to other streaming services (including Pandora, Amazon Video, Hulu and some others I was exposed to for the first time when they appeared on the menu). If you have a smart phone, you can install Sony’s media remote application (as long as your phone and television are connected to the same network). While its usefulness as a remote control is basic, its best feature allows use of your phone’s keyboard while doing searches (such as program titles) for online content: far easier than navigating through the OEM remote’s point-select of an alphanumeric menu.

Video/audio quality in the applications I use (Netflix, Pandora, Amazon video) were fine. Obviously the network carrying these services will have a large influence on their quality and responsiveness.

This television also immediately recognized and was able to access local media available via DLNA media server (enabled in a Buffalo Technology NAS device. However, this television’s DLNA capability limits access to 1000 audio tracks, and I have no idea how it decides which of these to choose. It might get you through a party, but it’s not going to offer access to an entire extensive music collection. (Note: perhaps this issue is a matter of the DLNA implementation on my NAS; I have no way to test this).

Finally, if you are using this television with other late model Sony components connected with HDMI cables: the components integrate well with each other. This unit receives inputs from a now somewhat dated Sony AV receiverSony AV receiver and a Sony Blu-ray player. The receiver power and input functions are automatically synchronized with the television options for programming source and sound (TV or external speakers). Very nice.

I had the chance to test out Sony’s phone support upon set-up, when I was unable to play any of the streaming content through external speakers. It turns out that only one of the three HDMI ports includes audio return channel (ARC). The ARC port is –surprisingly– NOT the one set off by itself in the center of the cabinet. ARC is provided through HDMI port #3, which is grouped on the left side of the rear cabinet with other input ports. While he was clearly working from a script, the tech I worked with was patient, appeared to understand my challenge, and eventually got me to a solution (change the HDMI input the ARC-capable HDMI port #3…which is labeled with its ARC capability).

While nobody can tell how long a piece of electronics will last, it’s always a good sign when they work well out of the box, and this television has done just that. Exercising its advanced network/Internet-enabled functions, will require some comfort with LAN configurations and media server set-up (if you are doing local streaming).

The Amazing Hart
4.0 out of 5 starsNot user friendly but worth it once u get it set
February 21, 2018
Size: 60 inchesStyle: TVVerified Purchase
This TV delivers everything it promises. It runs for HDR 10 on Xbox one S (X) and PS pro. The picture quality is amazing but the GUI and menus of the TV feel dated When compared to a new Samsung. Due to a pipe burst we had to replace a few TVs in our house so I was limited to the 60 inch due to the recess in my basement but we went with the 75 inch Samsung HDR for living room. The Samsung Has a much friendlier set up an auto switching HDMI signal’s and Appcontrol. The Sony is definitely more Difficult to set up and control however it’s picture quality outside of an OLED is second to none. Be prepared to watch videos on how to calibrate this TV and how to activate HDR for ultra Blu-ray’s and gaming because its a bit tricky.
The one thing I would change is I would include the universal smart remote like Samsung does with all their new TVs. The Sony remote is something straight out of the 90s. But for the price point you really get the core of an HDR TV without all the extra fluff and gizmos.

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