Sony X800E: Consumer Reviews

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  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 38 x 22 3/8 x 2 1/4 Inches; TV with stand: 42 x 26 x 6 Inches
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using Sony’s Android TV
  • Pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the most lifelike picture
  • Edge-lit LED produces great picture quality with sleek slim design
  • 60Hz native refresh rate plus Motionflow XR gives you great motion for all types of content
  • Inputs: 4 – HDMI, 2 – USB2.0, 1 – USB3.0, 1 – Component/Composite Hybrid, 1 – Composite
  • Model year: 2017; Screen Size (inch, measured diagonally): 43 (42.5) Inch

Customer Reviews

5 star – 63%
4 star – 14%
3 star – 10%
2 star – 7%
1 star – 6%

July 1, 2017
Size: 43-InchStyle: TVVerified Purchase
Excellent TV, amazing computer monitor with very sharp
and easy to read text, and gorgeous picture and video
resolution. I bought this TV to use as a PC monitor and
I was not disappointed. Lots of room to have multiple pages or items open at one time. 4K video is amazing. Side visibility is excellent and improved over the X800D. Dark colors are dark. The remote is well thought out and easy to use. Applications can be brought up easily by using rotary selector or even easier with microphone allowing one to simply state what you want. To select a new application one simply backs out of previous application before selecting a new one. There are separate buttons on the remote for Netflix and Google Play. Action button brings up settings. Discovery button brings up a plethora of apps.
Physically the TV is attractive with a screen only 5/8 th
inch thick and a screen nearly all picture with minimal
border. The frame is clad in black aluminum and is very
attractive. Plenty of connections on back of TV. The stand is attractive and is as nice as that came with the
X800D. I know I ordered one for the X800D and chose to use the one that came with the TV. Not sure if other would have fit but it was not any better. I have played some video games with the TV and it will be excellent in
that regard as well. I just got a new 55″ LG OLED TV in
the same den room and the colors on the Sony blow away the LG. The blacks are better on the OLED but that is expected with OLED technology. My advise is to
buy the TV you won’t be disappointed. Recent price drops make it a bargain. Dropped $50 right after I bought it from my local dealer and hope Sony will pass
along price drop to me. Even at higher price I am very happy with my purchase. So will you.
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4.0 out of 5 starsGreat TV, just don’t buy this one for your Grandparents.
May 2, 2017
Size: 49 inchesStyle: TV
Overall (3.5/5), the superb quality of the visual, audio, and design of this tv (in my mind) overshadow the flaws that are found in the interface.
REASON FOR PURCHASE: I bought this TV after viewing the 800d I decided to wait for the 800e.

VISUAL & AUDIO OUTPUT: 5/5. In terms of visual/audio quality, I’m very impressed. Color spectrum looks great. Have had no issues with 4k output for ps4 or xbox one s upscaling. Looks great. For my apartment, there’s no chance I’m going to even consider a soundbar. Remarkable upgrade over the 800d.

DESIGN: 5/5: Looks great, feels great. Unboxing is tough with one person if you’re going to be super careful so just be warned on that front.

FIELD OF VIEW: 4/5. This is one thing I’m not sure I can blame Sony for but the image viewing angle feels a bit smaller than I’d like. Especially in my studio apartment where I occasionally will view it laying down (Off to the side and below normal viewing range), I sometimes feels as if the color spectrum doesn’t look right. It’s something that I overthought when purchasing this TV so just wanted to bring it up.

PRICE: 5/5. I don’t think any TV’s I looked at within this price range even compared to the quality of this tv. it honestly the best <$1000 tv i saw.

EASE OF USE AND INTERFACE : 2.5/5: Honestly, this is probably the most flawed issue with this tv…and maybe I’m being harsh since I work in software. I can only imagine someone without technical skills. The built in interface can feel a bit laggy when frequently switching between apps. It seems also that closing an app should be as simple as it is on your android/iphone … but the process is difficult especially on the built in controller. Not sure how memory management is working but it feels that switching between apps causes increasing lag. The worst part of this is manipulating between inputs/built in apps feels like there’s some sort of disconnect. I almost think it would be better if the tv treated the built in apps as if it was it’s own input but instead it acts an overlay on a particular input. WHAT THIS MEANS: if you are on HDMI2 and click the netflix button, the audio will switch to the netflix…which seems great. However, switching back to HDMI2 DOES NOT switch the audio back to HDMI2, forcing you to go through the bulky process to actually close the netflix app / whatever app is open OR actually pull the power on the TV. I assume an update is coming for this, but it let be known THIS IS an issue.

TL;DR: This review is really a 3.5. If your main use of this tv is going to be apps and tv, then it’s perfect. GAMERS be warned: This tv provides imperfect audio output detection. That is, switching from an hdmi input to built in applications and back to that hdmi input results in a loss of sound. Hoping a firmware update will fix this and I can up this TV to a 5/5.

The Tin Man
5.0 out of 5 starsA nice tv
July 24, 2017
Size: 43-InchStyle: TVVerified Purchase
Very pleased. Already have a 43X800D aka last year’s model of the same tv. I was pleased enough with it to buy this newer one for use in a different room. I find the newer model enough of an improvement in my situation to justify spending the difference in price. The older tv had a noticeable fall-off in picture color quality when viewed from an angle; a problem the new design overcomes. Having said that, if you will be watching last year’s model mostly face-on, and the price difference is substantial, you will be happy with the older model.

J. Gibson
5.0 out of 5 starsMy Sony 4k LED is welcome in my home!
January 30, 2018
Size: 55-InchStyle: TVVerified Purchase
I waited almost 2 weeks before this evaluation. I wanted it to be more knowledgeable and we’ll thought out. At first I was mainly considering other brands such as Samsung & LG. We already owned a Samsung 1080p 60″ which we purchased in 2012. It is still running fine. But, I just began to notice that Sony products are still well reverred & there are many Sony enthusiasts out there. Sony used to be ranked #1 but Samsung has had that spot for past decade. After weeks of research I decided to give Sony a place in my home. So far I can say that I absolutely love the remote and the way the app interface is designed. There is a user friendly & intuitive quality to both. But, it’s the picture quality that is primarily important. I am quite pleased with the picture. It has a richness & contrast that are very true to life. I purchased a Sony 4k Bluray player & Sony sound bar to optimize the overall ease of operation and viewing & listening experience. Since what’s the point in owning a 4k television & not be able to see 4k movies? Obviously the slim shape of today’s televisions leaves the audio lacking so a sound bar addition is important to enhance the sound quality. I want to say that I have not changed any of the factory picture settings, they seem perfect. And, I’m usually very picky! The picture & sound offers many unique mode settings which I am looking forward to checking out in the weeks ahead. I want to add that I am a movie enthusiast and also enjoy watching TV shows but don’t have any gaming set up at present. So I’ll keep you posted!

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